Interior Designer: Jennifer Gill, JGD

‘The quality of Sam and his Teams work was excellent, as was attention to detail. They were also flexible, efficient and an extremely personable group of guys.

Our renovations included:

  • a large outdoor deck
  • complete gutting of a bedroom and bathroom
  • installation of a bathroom and walk in wardrobe
  • complete gutting of a mudroom, laundry and renovation,
  • a pool (which was done by Riviera Pools)
  • creation of a pool change room
  • addition of wainscotting to the entry walls and bathroom
  • replacement of all architraves

We also did extensive painting and floor work (new carpets, sanding and staining of wood floors) and landscaping.  While Sam was not responsible for these projects, he did oversee the entire project and coordinated timing with other contractors.  He also offered helpful suggestions in many aspects of the overall project.

We felt that the overall costs were competitive – That being said, he does use the best contractors so it is not always the cheapest price.  The project generally kept to schedule, though there were the usual challenges with weather, delivery of materials and scope changes.  I particularly valued Sam’s approach to change requests, as he was always amenable and unflappable in making it happen.  With regard to defects, he has been very responsive – and we expect that to continue through to the very end.

Our neighbors have also just hired Sam to do some work for them, based on references from other people (as they did not realise that he was doing work for us.)  It seems he has quite a good reputation throughout the Highlands.’

Malcolm &  Holly

Sproules Lane,